It’sAllTrue.Net Guest Review – LEGO TDKR Tumbler Chase

Hey there! NoisyDvL5 over on It’sAllTrue.Net has been super busy with a move he just undertook. Unpacking boxes, and setting everything up, and it’s caused him to not be able to put new content on the site for the time being. So this week he’s having a guest review week, and asked me to partake. I jumped at the chance! I love doing guest reviews for other sites, since it usually lets me learn to write reviews in different formats, and lets me gauge how other audiences see my work (and hey maybe gain some new viewers in the process).

I wanted to do something different for the review. Something that wasn’t your usual action figure. So I opted for the new LEGO DC Universe Superheroes The Bat Vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase Dark Knight Rises set. So just CLICK HERE to read the guest review I did for IAT and hopefully enjoy!

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