Mattel Wants to Know Why You’ve Stopped Collecting MOTUC

Mattel He-Man Masters of the Universe Classics Fisto 6" Action FigureHave you slowed down, or stopped altogether, on collecting Masters of the Universe Classics? Mattel wants to know why. There’s an official Mattel poll over on, posted by Scott Neitlich (AKA ToyGuru) asking why you’ve changed your MOTUC collecting habits. If you’re still a happy, passionate collector, you need not take the poll. However, if you are feeling lackluster in regards to MOTUC, take the poll and let Mattel know why. This seems like a great way to crowd source and maybe help Mattel make some changes to the line that will help it in the long run.

Click here to take the poll.

One thought on “Mattel Wants to Know Why You’ve Stopped Collecting MOTUC

  1. Wanna know why I stopped? ‘Cause they treat us like an afterthought. I know they’ve done some good things for fans, but more often than not they just jerk us around. Plus, they really let their QC drop. If I buy a 20-something dollar toy (30-ish if you count shipping) I shouldn’t have to do work on it. If I wanted that, I’d buy a model kit.

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