News – 6″ Star Wars Legends Figures Coming From Hasbro?

The website Rebelscum is reporting a rumor that Hasbro is working with Gentle Giant to create a line of highly detailed, super articulated line of 6″ action figures based on Star Wars. Hasbro and Gentle Giant already work together on the the Marvel Legends line, but every time Hasbro has been asked in the past about the possibility of a 6″ Star Wars line they’ve said they have no plans.

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According to our spies, Gentle Giant and Hasbro are collaborating in the development of a super-articulated, highly detailed 6-inch Star Wars line. Since the two companies already work together on Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line, partnering up for a 6-inch Star Wars line isn’t inconceivable.

Reports put at least two figures a good distance into the development process and one spy notes the quality saying “I don’t collect Star Wars, but if these come out I’m going to.”

There’s no doubt that if Hasbro decided to change their minds and go ahead with a “Star Wars Legends” line, they would make a lot of collectors very happy. I’ve never collected Star Wars figures before due to how vast the collection is and how long they’ve been around, but for a 6″ line I would at least buy a few. Does this sound like good news to you?

4 thoughts on “News – 6″ Star Wars Legends Figures Coming From Hasbro?

  1. I sincerely hope this holds to be true! I know I am guilty of complaining about MLs but tbh, I would be much more appreciative of an SW Legends line from Hasbro even if they were of the same quality as recent MLs. However, I am inclined to think that a lot of effort (a much more significant amount than in their Marvel Legends) would be put into a Star Wars Legends line because of the much larger SW fan base and much more money to be made, among many other factors. Needless to say, I am VERY EXCITED about this news! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cool. I kind of doubt it, unless Disney is willing to throw A LOT of tooling dollars into this, ’cause a lot of characters need unique parts. I’d love a Boba Fett though.

  3. Disney didn’t buy Star Wars to NOT make money off of it. I imagine we well start seeing more Star Wars merchandise than ever before. Anything they do for their Marvel characters, expect to see them do it even more so for Star Wars. So yeah, I’d be surprised if we DON’T see a line of six inch figures. They make Marvel action figures in more than one scale, why not Star Wars?

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