News – DC Unlimited Injustice Joker Figure Images Revealed

Last October I posted prototype pictures of some upcoming DC Comics Unlimited figures:

New 52 Darkseid
New 52 Aquaman
Injustice Superman

Injustice Joker was supposed to be in that mix as well, but there were no pictures to provide. Well, now there are. EBay seller ws_toys has a copy of this figure for auction right now. This happens a lot with toys, where samples from the factories overseas will leak out and be sold online. There’s no telling if the pictures are of the finished product, or of early factory samples. I’m sure the finished product will be on display at the New York Toy Fair next weekend, so we can know for sure.

In the meantime, continue after the jump to view all the pictures.

Man, Joker’s looking a little Tim Burton-y there, isn’t he? Random straps and buckles and whatnot. There’s no doubt that the game designs for these characters are a little out there, but what do you think of the figure?

2 thoughts on “News – DC Unlimited Injustice Joker Figure Images Revealed

  1. Ok, death by a thousand cuts time… for starters, he has a necktie instead of the bow tie he should, his jacket’s supposed to be all (dark) purple, not black with purple accents, he doesn’t have that odd green vest in the game, his hair is supposed to be slicked back, not spiky, he should have spats, he needs suspenders hanging off his hips, his shirt’s lapels(?) are ridiculously long, his shirt’s untucked, his jackets lapels are too big, and his flower and gloves are the wrong color. Between this and the terrible Arkham City Joker they made, I think Mattel must be working off really early concept art, which is too bad, because I’d rather wait a few months more and have figures that actually look like the source material than have these abominations in time to coincide with the game. I wish there was time to change these, but even if there was, I doubt Mattel would admit they messed up with these.

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