Review – Rhino – Marvel Select, Diamond Select Toys

Hey there! Check out my review of the Marvel Select Rhino figure I did for Marvelous News! Just click here to view it. Thanks for reading.

9 thoughts on “Review – Rhino – Marvel Select, Diamond Select Toys

  1. Awesome review! I got mine the other day, and he’s headed straight for the Sinister Six display. The only thing is, the yellow in his mouth on mine isn’t so much a yellowing look as it is his teeth are separated by yellow lines. I also had a molding issue on his face (which seems to be a separate piece glued to the head) and mine was kinda wall eyed. But the cool thing is, with the nifty new ankle rockers I can balance him on one foot in a charging pose!

    • The pic in the review I have of him charging is balanced on one foot. Kinda cool, for sure. And yeah, the face does seem to be a separate molded piece inserted into the head. If you have a pic of it, I’d love to see it so I can get a better sense of what you’re talking about with the molding issue.

    • Ooh yikes, that is a nasty molding error. I don’t know how your local comic shop operates, but they should let you exchange it if they have any more.

  2. Yeah, the guy running my LCS is pretty cool, but, like I said, I don’t even mind it that much. He’s going into the back of my display, next to my big guys (Thanos and Galactus), And I’ll never see it.

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