News – Mattel 1966 Batmobile and Adam West Batman Revealed

Earlier today I showed off the upcoming Mattel 1966 Batman Movie Masters Penguin and Riddler 6″ figures. Now, thanks to USAToday and Toy News International, we have a look at the 6″ Adam West Batman figure and the 6″ 1966 Batmobile vehicle! The 6″ figures will be sold for $15.99 apiece, and the Batmobile will be $49.99.

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7 thoughts on “News – Mattel 1966 Batmobile and Adam West Batman Revealed

  1. OK, the scale Batmobile is AWESOME. That Adam West has a ton of unique parts, it looks like, but I don’t know that it is shown in its most flattering pose. I do love the head sculpt, though.

  2. batman and Robin WILL be able to fit. There just isn’t a side by side pic yet. I love the attention to detail though, and they even captured Adam West’s paunch and oddly feminine legs!

  3. I am jumping for joy that these are being made… I’ve only waited about 47 years! Hopefully, the cape will be better made (perhaps not such a stiff cloth and sewn to properly fit). Now give me a George Reeves/Superman and Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman to visit Gotham. And on the subject of classic TV Land heroes, how about a Jackson Bostwick/Shazam; Van Williams/Green Hornet; Bruce Lee/Kato; Clayton Moore/Lone Ranger; Jay Silverheels/Tonto; Ron Ely/Tarzan, Lou Ferrigno/Hulk, Nicholas Hammond/Spider-man, John Wesley Shipp/Flash, etc….

    • Oh man, that would be something! Perhaps too ambitious right now, but that would be cool. I hope the cape ends up looking better too, but I do like the forethought into giving him a cloth cape so he can sit in the Batmobile.

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