Got Any Questions For Mattel?

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Mattel Mattycollector LogoIt’s that time again for Ask Mattel. If you’d like to ask Mattel a question about any of its brands, leave them as comments to this post. I’ll pick five out of the bunch to be answered on May 1st, 2013. All questions need to be submitted by 11:59 PM CST on April 12th, 2013.

5 thoughts on “Got Any Questions For Mattel?

  1. If the 60’s Batman series does well at retail (fingers crossed!), is it possible we’ll see figures of some of the one-off guest villains and supporting characters?

  2. Will Catwoman from the 60’s line have her mask on or off? Or will there be a variant of both like TDKR Catwoman had?

  3. There have been solicits on various e-tailer sites for the Batman 60’s TV figures.
    Some have Surfs Up Batman listed, some have Radioactive Cowl Batman listed.
    Which one is coming out first ?

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