News – Mattel is Looking Into New Shipping Options

I just received, and likewise I expect that anyone who is a subscriber to any of Mattycollector’s brands received an email linking to a survery. The survey is just one question, and it deals with Mattel looking into new shipping options, to help save you money.

The scenario the survey posits is the possibility of shipping figures quarterly as opposed to monthly. This way, instead of paying $10 to ship one figure every month over a three month period (thereby spending $30), you would instead spend $15 to ship all three figures.

This seems to suggest that Mattel is finally looking into less expensive shipping options for everyone who buys off of Mattycollector. If you’re a subscriber, you likely already received the email so be sure to take the survey and let them know your thoughts. And if you like, let me know your thoughts on the subject in the comments below.

Would you rather spend $10 every month to get your figures, or have them wait a few months so you get to pay less? For the record, I’m a plastic addict so I’d rather spend more and get my figures every month ha ha.

9 thoughts on “News – Mattel is Looking Into New Shipping Options

  1. I took the survey and thought it was extremely general and not too useful. People say they would like something like quarterly shipping, but most of the Mattycollector subscribers I know are desparate to get their figures right away and preferably before anyone else.

    I’d certainly think about it but I ordered 2 DCIE subs this year to defer the costs, and it comes out to about $6.50 a figure, which isn’t great, but better than $9 for one figure. I’ve been able to sell my duplicate every month at right around the breakeven point.

  2. Also, do I actually trust Digital River to not screw up and leave me with no figures and only a refund because they are sold out? No, no I do not.

  3. I’m still trying to figure out why it costs $10 to ship one figure. I can send a figure USPS Priority to a friend and it only costs me $6.95.

    I like the idea of a figure a month. If too much time passes more people might lose interest.

  4. hey, uhm…i already have 3 subs, 1 DC, 1 MOTU and 1 Watchmen…and it does not cost $15….why am i not getting these shipper rate cheaper rate, granted i am in Canada…but again as Tom stated it is really cheap to send things, i get things shipped in from Amazon and ebay from people in the states and 3 figures would cost me about $15-20, never more than that. Yes MOC. but through matty, it actually works out to being cheaper if i use DHL, granted i get hit with customs after, so really its the same…kinda weird, but i tried putting in 3 figure in the checkout for regular mail and it charges me $10 a figure, it does not combine anything for me. kinda bunk. DHL for 3 is $25…i don’t understand the math.

  5. I’d rather there be an option to hold back your subscription so that you can ship it with anything that’s ordered either in early access or day of sale. I too am impatient and prefer to receive my figures once a month, but at the same time I try not to buy anything in early access or day of sale because of the extra shipping.

  6. They just need to shop around to other companies BESIDES Digital River. I’m sure someone can give them better rates and more reliable service than the knuckleheads at DR.

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