News – Batman Unlimited Beware the Batman Figure Revealed

An image has been circulating the web today of the upcoming Beware the Batman 6″ figure set to be released in the Batman Unlimited toy line from Mattel. It’s hyper stylized to match the show, and more or less has the same kind of articulation we’ve come to expect from DCUC figures.

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Obviously this won’t be for everybody. I’m going to wait until I see the cartoon to reserve judgement, as I always do, but I don’t hate the new style. It’s interesting for sure, and catches the eye. The figure is, at the very least, an extremely faithful representation of the source material. And you can see he has ball jointed elbows to compensate for the lack of bicep swivel. Other than missing an ab crunch, everything else looks to be about on par for DCUC articulation. I wonder if he’ll come with any accessories.


One thought on “News – Batman Unlimited Beware the Batman Figure Revealed

  1. I think I’m gonna throw up. How does something like that even get past the planning stage? Not just the figure, mind you, which is pretty horrible, but also the cartoon itself. I’ve liked a lot of redesigns, but this one… bleeeeecccch. And when they say they’re edging towards more obscure villains? I give ’em three episodes before DC demands that they bring in the Joker.

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