New Custom Figure – Justice Lords Superman (Man of Steel Movie Concept)

Hey everyone! I had so much fun customizing that last Man of Steel Superman figure, I thought I’d try out something different. So I took a Movie Masters Man of Steel Superman and painted him in Justice Lords colors. I even repainted his head to look more realistic and angry, and gave him an alternate “heat vision blast” head. And I made two different sets of heat vision, one long and more wild looking, the other shorter with smoke coming off of the ends, to recreate the scene from the episode of Justice League where Justice Lords Superman lobotomizes Doomsday! Click here or the photo below to check out the full photo set and a detailed description of how it was made.

This custom is also currently for auction on eBay right now. If you’re interested, feel free to bid. If you know someone who might be, pass the link along!

Thanks for looking!

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