Huge Dremel Product Sale on Amazon Right Now!

Hey everyone. I wanted to let all you customizers out there know that there’s a huge sale of Dremel products on Amazon right now. A lot of stuff is near 50% off, and it says you get $10 off if you spend over $125. I have no idea how long it’s supposed to last, but for all the customizers out there this could be really useful. And for anyone thinking of getting into customizing, this is a great place to start, since the Dremel is probably the most invaluable tool to the customizer. Here is the general link to the Dremel sale, but look below for my recommended list of essential Dremel products to get anyone started customizing!

The Dremel Stylus is, in my opinion, the perfect Dremel tool. The grip alone makes is so much easier to hold for long periods of time without cramping or hurting your hand. Not to mention it’s cordless, so you don’t have to worry about cords getting in your way. And this set comes with a ton of different bits. The Dremel MultiPro Chuck is probably my favorite Dremel product. This allows you to work with any Dremel bit of any size, without having to constantly change out the collets, which used to be the most annoying part of using a Dremel before I discovered this.
The Dremel 160 Piece Accessory Kit has, as the name suggests, 160 different pieces. It’s got several sized cutting discs, metal brushes, and even dremel bits for polishing. This is an awesome set that gives you lots of spare bits and pieces at an amazing price. The Dremel Rotary Tool Work Station is generally meant for the regular Dremel tools, without the grip that the Stylus has, but can still be useful regardless. It’s great for helping with precision drilling, as well as lathing. You never have to worry about the Dremel skipping off where you’re trying to work and scratching up your figures in places you didn’t mean to!

I really hope this sale helps a lot of people out there stock up on tools and supplies to help them in their customizing endeavors.

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