News – MOTUC Icer Carded Images & Sale Information

Carded images have surfaced on the Mattycollector Facebook page of the upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics Icer figure, as well as sale date information. MOTUC Icer will be shipping out to everyone with a Club Filmation subscription in July.

Continue after the jump for pics and full sale information.



The Filmation subscription has begun! Icer, our premier figure in the 6 month 2013 Club Filmation subscription has begun! MOTUC Icer ships in July to all Club Filmation sub holders with additional small quantities available for day of sales. Note Icer does not ship to Club Eternia members. Club Filmation was a separate purchase back in Feb. with one new Filmation character each month (from either the classic He-Man and Princess of Power animated shows!) July through December 2013.

MOTUC Icer comes complete with ice pick weapon and the animated version of ther Staff of Avion. Finally a cool accessory for your MOTUC Stratos figure! (or anyone else who wants to wield it!)



MOTUC Icer all packaged up and ready for his cool premier



MOTUC Icer from the back with an all new bio
Catch you all on the boards!


So it seems unlike Clamp Champ, Icer will be available on the day-of sale next month. Seems weird that a character who has never had a figure will be available, but a character that’s a remake of a vintage figure, and fan demanded, gets no day-of stock for sale. But I won’t pretend to know the ins and outs of the toy business. For all those who want MOTUC Icer in their collections, I hope you’re able to get him.

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