News – Man of Steel Movie Masters Black Suit Superman Figure Revealed

It’s been rumored for a while now, ever since a mysterious listing showed up on Amazon describing a Man of Steel Movie Masters Superman figure in a black suit. Recently though, Mattel has denied there was an eighth Man of Steel Movie Masters figure in the last Ask Mattel Q&A session, making this reveal all the more bizarre. But yes, it seems official that there will be a Superman figure released in his black suit. The listing showed up on the Mattel Shop website as a pre order due out in July.

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The figure is based on the scene in the Man of Steel movie where Zod is probing Superman’s mind in a sort of “dream sequence” and we see Superman in this black suit standing atop a mountain of human skulls. The figure will feature red painted “heat vision” eyes, and come with a display stand.

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So will you be adding this to your Man of Steel Movie Masters collection? I know I will, and I might get a few of these for customizing fodder. I can tell you this figure would have made my custom Man of Steel Justice Lords Superman figure a lot easier!

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