News – NECA Predator Trophy Skull Pack Now on Amazon!

Fans have known for some time now that NECA had planned to release a pack of Predator skulls so people could use them to decorate their Predator 2 Trophy Wall, but now they’re finally released! NECA is selling the sets themselves exclusively. You can find them on their Amazon store by CLICKING HERE. The set comes with 10 skulls, and are being sold at a great price. It’s being sold at a limited quantity, so get them while you can! And of course you can’t have the skulls without a place to display them, right? Don’t forget to pick up the Predator 2 Trophy Wall diorama display as well!

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In addition to the Predator Trophy Skull Pack, here’s some other NECA Predator related stuff you can currently find on Amazon. For those having trouble finding series 9 of Predator, with “Jungle Disguise Dutch”, “Jungle Encounter Dutch”, and Water Emergence Predator” in the wild, Amazon has them all for about retail price and eligible for free shipping!


And if you’re still having trouble finding Predators series 8, with “Jungle Extraction Dutch”, “Jungle Patrol Dutch”, and “Jungle Hunter Predator”, Amazon has you covered there too.



Again, you definitely want to get your orders in for the Predators Trophy Skull Pack, because it is being sold at a limited quantity. So if you don’t already own the Predator figures that included these skulls originally, but you want to get the Predator 2 Trophy Wall and have all the skulls displayed, I would definitely recommend getting the skull pack. I already ordered mine, I can’t wait to have everything displayed!

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