News – Hot Toys Teases The Crow 1/6 Scale Figure?

Hot Toys posted a teaser on their Facebook page of an upcoming figure, but it’s cloaked in mystery. They haven’t revealed what the figure is, but most fans seem to be speculating that it’s a figure of The Crow, as portrayed by the late Brandon Lee from the 1994 movie of the same name. I certainly hope so, because that would be amazing!

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The only information given about this figure so far from Hot Toys is the following:

A surprise appearance by this enigmatic character is coming to this year’s Ani-Com Hong Kong and will be available for pre-order there! Stay tuned on our Facebook Page to see what else is coming to the event.


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So really no information about what the character is just yet, but it certainly looks like The Crow to me, although some think it could be another Heath Ledger Joker figure. I for one am hoping for a 1/6 Hot Toys figure of The Crow, because that’s been my favorite movie and comic book for a very long time. I have a ton of The Crow merchandise, most of it signed by the creator James O’Barr himself, and I would love to add a Hot Toys The Crow figure to that display. What do you think the figure could be?

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