Got Any Questions for Mattel?

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Mattel Mattycollector LogoIt’s that time again for Ask Mattel. If you’d like to ask Mattel a question about any of its brands, leave them as comments to this post. I’ll pick five out of the bunch to be answered on August 15th, 2013. All questions need to be submitted by 11:59 PM CST on July 31st, 2013.

10 thoughts on “Got Any Questions for Mattel?

  1. Does Mattel’s license with DC include the ability to make TV versions of Superman (George Reeves) and/or Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) in similar manner as the TV Batman (Adam West) ’66 line?

  2. Will there still be Movie Masters figures made in the 6″ scale for future DC movies? The information revealed at SDCC has many fans worried that there will be no more 6″ Movie Masters figures at all, so it would be great if that could get cleared up. I hope there will continue to be 6″ Movie Masters.

  3. Would it be possible for Mattel to have advertising in DC Comics for the subscriptions? It would make sense, because if the DC figures sell, then it benefits both Mattel and DC.

  4. At SDCC2012, it was stated that a European distribution center might be up and running as soon as the end of 2013, so we should hold-on in there and sub up for one more year as it was going to get better for shipping and customs. A year later and a new sub; why didn’t we get any update at all on the European distribution center, even if it was to say it wasn’t going through? A lot of fans subbed up last time round based on what was said and it isn’t a good feeling to be left hanging for over a year now.

  5. Would you say Anarky is more likely in the sub, retail or both? I already have a DC sub for the record.

    • Well, there’s no DCUC-style at retail anymore, but if they did a Beware the Batman line, they might do that Anarky version.

  6. On, it says fans have until November 5th to pre-order, but Toyguru recently posted an update about the Ecto-1 and the subscriptions and said August 19th was the deadline. Was this a typo, or has it been changed? Because that’s a mighty big typo if so. A lot of Ghostbusters fans are panicking because of it.

  7. It was teased before SDCC that an announcement would be made about DC civilian figures. I didn’t see any in the new lines or in the sub, so can we get some details now?

  8. Now that DC/Batman Unlimited is dead at retail, how about starting a Batman sub on ? 2014 is Batman’s 75th anniversary.

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