Tips on Finding Masters of the Universe Classics at Big Lots

Reports have been coming in from all over the United States that people are finding Masters of the Universe Classics and Mattel Ghostbusters figures at Big Lots locations. I know a lot of people are having trouble finding the figures, so I thought I’d offer up just a few tips that might help you on your Big Lots quest.

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1. If you’re having trouble finding a Big Lots near you, just use the store locator on Big to find all the locations nearest to you.

2. Call ahead! I know so many collectors get frustrated with this, and I’ve had my fair share of frustrations as well, but I really have found this to work in this situation. Just be sure when you call to ASK FOR THE MANAGER. The regular employees will likely have no idea what Masters of the Universe Classics is, but every Big Lots manager I’ve talked to knew instantly what I was talking about, since they get that sort of information ahead of time, and have to check the stuff all of their trucks bring in. So they’re your best bet.

3. If you get there and don’t see them, they could be in the back. Don’t just leave disappointed, find the manager and get him/her to look in the back for you. This has worked very well for a lot of people out there.



And here’s a list of every different Masters of the Universe Classics and Ghostbusters figure confirmed so far that has been found in Big Lots. All of the Masters of the Universe Classics figures are marked at just $10 apiece, yes even the giant figures and 2 packs. It’s pretty crazy. Anyway:


Battleground Teela
Count Marzo
Faceless One
King Grayskull
Mo-Larr/Skeletor 2-pack
Moss Man – both flocked and unflocked ear variants, flocked being rarer
Orko with Prince Adam – both standard and color changing versions, color changing being rarer
Snout Spout
Thunder Punch He-Man

And for Ghostbusters:

12″ Egon Spengler & Ray Stantz Ghostbusters 2 two pack – $30
6″ Vinz Clortho – $10


I know these seem like no-brainers, but I still keep seeing so many people having trouble with it, and like I said even though I know collectors hate dealing with the frustrations of calling stores, if you ask for the manager, they can help you. I hope this helps some people out there, because as many Masters of the Universe Classics fans as possible should benefit from this. Happy hunting through all those Big Lots stores!

24 thoughts on “Tips on Finding Masters of the Universe Classics at Big Lots

  1. I just wanted to thank you for your advice. I’m glad I took it. To saved me a lot of time. I was able to find half of the figures you listed above. You can add Grizzlor to that list too.
    I still can’t believe Mattel dumped their inventory like this. And of such a low price!

  2. King Grayskull, Snout Spout, Clawful, and Orko were the 4 I was hoping for. Instead I found 10 of the other characters. Plus Egon and Ray.
    These were found in Massachusetts, by the way.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I actually did call several stores after my local store turned up nothing. Good thing because it saved me wasted trips and I got several GB Figures. In addition to the Ray/Egon GB II 2-pack I got Vinz Clortho, Ray in lab coat with ghost, and RGB Peter Venkman with voice, repeating lines from Citizen Ghost. Pretty cool. The only MOTU figure I saw in 3 stores was Teela.

  4. I went to the Big Lots in Kerrville TX on Monday afternoon. They had 1 each of Moss Man, Man E Faces (who I snagged), the Adam/Orko 2 pack, Megator (that giant troll dude) and Molarr/Skeletor 2 pack. They had about a half dozen figures each of Aurora, Count Marzo and the Faceless One. Any collectors in the Texas Hill Country might want to make a roadtrip and snag some of them.

  5. Just found out about this yesterday and had my wife stop at our local Big Lots today and she ended up buying me Clawful, Megator and Vykron. Am hoping to get Thunder Punch He-Man and Man-E-Faces next and both Snout Spout and Teela have my interest too.

    Might jump on those Ghostbuster figures as well. : )

  6. My wife said they had only one Vykron and Megator at our Big Lots so i don’t know how many are making it into each store so maybe these sets are more limited than the single packed figures but they are out there. Am going to be up-state today so am going to see if i can find another Big Lots and stop in and see what they have compared to the store we have down the road from us. Also my friend who lives in Indiana who told about all of this is going to be check his local store today for a Snout Spout for me which would be awesome if could find me one.

  7. Ok went to 3 different Big Lots and out of the 3 only the one i had perviously gone to had any of these figures. I walked away today with Man-E-Faces,Icarius and Sy-Klone. All that was left was Adore x2, Orko/Prince Adam x2, Faceless One x2 and Icarius x2. All others were gone and there was a bunch of Louis Telly Ghostbusters figures in there white mailer boxes and 1 Reto Action Mego style Ghostbuster of Peter in white mailer box. I was hoping for one of the normal Peters w/Slimer I saw the other night but they were long gone like the Masters Classics.

  8. I stopped by my local Big Lots in Killeen, Tx and was able to pick up Megator, Moss Man, and the Orko/Prince Adam 2pk. They also had Buzz-Off, Catra, Clawful, Grizzlor, Man-E-Faces and the Faceless One. I’m going back to get Man-E-Faces and I hope to find Adora and Teela. I guees I’ll see what else might be there. As far as Ghostbusters goes, they had The 12in 2pk and Ray with his blue lab coat on. They also had the Mego version of Peter Venkman from the Ghostbusters cartoon.
    Anyway, happy hunting to you all

    • Well, today I went to the Big Lots here in Killeen again to find them pretty well wiped out. I was able to pick up The Faceless One, so that was cool. I also tried the Temple, Tx location and found Grizzlor. I asked managers at both locations if there were any in the back and there were none. Oh well, atleast I found some. Good luck out there.

  9. I love in North Charleston SC. My Biglots here had 2 Moss Man. I got one for me and the Other for my Friend. Now I need to find that Molar/skeletor 2 pack. While I was up in New York in Johnson City I found Sy-Klone, Adora, Catra Icarisus, and 2 Count Marzo’s

    Has anyone seen Fakor yet? Just checking as he is my other favorite

  10. Founded a second Megator over the weekend on a random Big Lots stop but nothing else. I will most likely be opening the second Big Brute up for displaying purpose along side my boxed one. : )

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