News – Mattel Reveals Information About MOTUC 2014 Club Eternia The Unnamed One Figure

During the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, Mattel announced the 2014 Club Eternia subscription exclusive figure for Masters of the Universe Classics would be a character called The Unnamed One. The interesting (or frustrating, depending on who you talk to) thing about this figure is that nobody gets to know what it looks like until it arrives at peoples’ homes during the first quarter of next year. However, to whet peoples’ appetites for the character, Mattel has revealed some background information on the character known only as The Unnamed One.

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MOTUC Fans, You probably know by now that the Unnamed One™ is the exclusive figure that only 2014 Club Eternia® subscribers will receive. But here are some things you may not know…

About the Character

So first things first… just who is the Unnamed One™?



For starters, he’s the mastermind behind the Snake Men®, as well as the perpetrator of a whole lot of wayward wickedness throughout the Masters’ world. He was first mentioned in the 1986 mini-comic “The Powers of Grayskull, Part1″ and he also appears in the bios of the Snake Men® warriors and their rotten-to-the-core leader, King Hssss™.  Why? You’ll have to wait until he shows up in your mailbox in 2014 for the full story. What we cantell you now is that his arc is crucial in tying together the entire Masters story.


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About the Figure

  • Befitting this legendary character, his figure is almost completely newly tooled! This isn’t just He-Man® with a new head – his only shared part is the arms.
  • Two heads really are better than one, especially when it comes to the Unnamed One™. He’ll arrive with an alternate noggin (but why??) and two accessories, one of them a magic burst. The question is what wrongdoing was wrought by that magic burst?
  • Like King He-Man™ with a scar over his eye and a beat-up Power Sword™, the Unnamed One™ will feature visual details that help tell the story of his malevolent existence.

Although the Unnamed One™ has remained shrouded in mystery for more than 25 years, we promise all will be revealed with his release as the Club Eternia® exclusive figure in 2014. He’s much more than a collection-essential figure, he’s storyline-essential so don’t miss this opportunity to make him yours. Sign up for a 2014 Club Eternia® subscription today! –Matty



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