News – Mattel Batman Classic TV Series Figures Found at Retail

The Mattel 1966 Batman Classic TV Series action figures are being found right now at retail! Reports are coming in of them being spotted at Walmart, so if you’re wanting to collect them, that might be your best bet to start your hunt.

You can also buy the Batman Classic TV Series figures right now on Amazon, if you don’t feel like hunting around.

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I was able to find out the UPC# for the Batman Classic TV Series Riddler figure. Here it is:

UPC#: 746775261139

Here’s how you can use that to your advantage on your hunt. What you want to do is write it down, and take it to a Walmart. If you don’t see any of the figures there on the pegs, or the one(s) you’re looking for, find someone with a Telxon. It’s basically a little palm pilot gun they use for pricing items and looking up items in their system. If you can’t find anyone with one, just stop any random worker and ask them for help from someone with a Telxon. Give them the UPC#, and they can see if their store has any in the back stock room. If not, they can also look up all the other Walmart stores in that area and tell you if they have any in stock or not. If you like, you can also just call a Walmart, and ask to speak to a manager and give them the UPC# and they can do the same thing for you without you ever having to leave your house.



Knowing the UPC# for the action figures you’re looking for is invaluable when you’re out hunting. It helps tremendously, and I hope it helps you all as well. And again, if you just don’t feel like hunting around, then just CLICK HERE to buy the Batman Classic TV Series figures on Amazon. Whichever is best for you. Happy hunting!

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