“The Secret Story of Toys” Reveals the Amazing Process of How Toys Are Made

We all have a vague understanding of where the toys we buy off the pegs come from. We know there are factories involved, assembly line workers, probably some computers doing…computing stuff…but how many people out there ever really stopped to ponder the full process of what it takes to make even a single action figure?

I know even a lot of hardcore toy collectors who aren’t really sure. Well, Emmy winning filmmaker Anthony Ladesich set out to show the pretty incredible human process of what it takes to make the action figures you love to buy with his short film documentary titled “The Secret Story of Toys”. In it, you get to meet the artists responsible for sculpting the figures and molding the prototypes. You get to share in their joy and frustrations as they explain their craft and passion.

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Action figure and toy enthusiasts everywhere should want to see “The Secret Story of Toys”. As an avid action figure collector, and someone who sculpts and customizes toys for a living, his was definitely a treat to say the least. I would absolutely get behind a full feature length documentary on the action figure making process for sure. What are your impressions on “The Secret Story of Toys”?

2 thoughts on ““The Secret Story of Toys” Reveals the Amazing Process of How Toys Are Made

  1. Despite the struggles and hardship, I do love toys since childhood and I still want to learn how to sculpt, make or design toys. But 22 years of living, being a Filipino, I still doesn’t know where and how to start.

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