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Some of these questions are now outdated since some pertain to the 2014 Club Infinite Earths which is now cancelled, but I still feel it’s important to show the questions you guys submitted and the answers Mattel gave.


BBT asks: Mattel is always talking about the “loud but few”. My question is: Why did Mattel decide to go with 4 inch figures for the Movie Masters now instead of six inch like all the others are? Seems there are only a “loud but few” that want 4 inch figures, most want 6 inch to go along with the other MM figures they have instead of starting a whole new scale.

The SDCC announcement was for a 4” line of figures that have a high level of detail, deco, and articulation – just like Movie Masters figures. It takes everything that collectors love about the Movie Masters figures and brings it to the 4” scale.


Ron asks: Does Mattel’s license with DC include the ability to make TV versions of Superman (George Reeves) and/or Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) in similar manner as the TV Batman (Adam West) ’66 line?

The George Reeves Superman and Lynda Carter Wonder Woman are not automatically part of the license, but would need to be negotiated and added to the license if figures were under consideration. Such additions have happened many times in the past as the DC portfolio of figures has expanded over the years!


Jess asks: Would it be possible for Mattel to have advertising in DC Comics for the subscriptions? It would make sense, because if the DC figures sell, then it benefits both Mattel and DC.

We do all the advertising possible including conventions, online and print ads in DC comics.


Tyler asks: Let’s say the 2014 Club Infinite Earths subscription gets really close to the tier 2 mark, but doesn’t get all the way there. If it gets close enough, would it still be possible tog et the “Unleashed Doomsday” figure, or do you absolutely need it right at the tier 2 mark?

Now that we have not hit tier 1, the DEC CIE program for 2014 is on hold. We will know in a few months if any figures are possible for 2014. It will take some time to look into this.


DCUC4Life asks: If the sub is able to reach tier two, would it be possible to finally get all of those awesome cancelled DCUC accessories? I’m talking of things like Nekron’s scythe, the robot penguin, things like that.

It might have been, but now that we did not even hit tier 1 the entire 2014 line is on hold pending review to see if anything is possible at all with only a 63% sell in to tier 1. (we needed 100% at tier 1 minimum).



That’s it for this round of Ask Mattel. Be on the lookout for the next chance to submit your own questions about any of Mattel’s toy brands right here to get them answered!

One thought on “Ask Mattel – Answers for September 2nd, 2013

  1. Boy, they pretty much glossed over and ignored that Movie Masters question.
    Most want 6 inch, not 4 inch Movie Master figures, no matter how much the 4 inch figures have “everything that collectors love about the Movie Masters figures and brings it to the 4” scale.” Mattel retail team blows it again.

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