News – NECA ED-209 Packaging Design Revealed

A tweet was just sent out showing off the packaging design for the highly anticipated, upcoming NECA ED-209 Deluxe Boxed Figure. The NECA ED-209 was announced a good while ago. They showed off a prototype for it, but not much else has been seen or heard from about it since then, until now. We know that the ED-209 will be in scale with the NECA Robocop 7″ figures, will be fully articulated, and feature dialogue and sound effects! This monster of a toy is due to be out in stores between 4-6 weeks, so most likely sometime in November. You can pre-order the NECA ED-209 right now at BigBadToyStore.

Check eBay to catch up on the NECA Robocop action figures so you have something to display with your ED-209!

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I need to start clearing shelf space now, because there’s no way I’m going to miss out on owning a NECA ED-209. I’ve been dreaming of this ever since it was first announced that NECA would get the Robocop license. And this is going to look incredible going up against my NECA Robocop figure. Now we just need a Clarence Boddicker and a Bobby with “Flying Action”. Get on it, NECA!

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