NECA Predators Series 10 (Kenner wave) Now on eBay!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the NECA Predators Series 10 figures are now available for sale at NECA’s eBay store! This is the wave that’s all inspired by the classic 90’s Kenner figures. It features modern versions of the Lava Planet Predator, Nighstorm Predator, and the Hive Wars Predator. I personally can’t wait to own these, since I loved those Kenner Predator figures back in the day. Just CLICK HERE or the photo below to go to the eBay listing page. The NECA Predators series 10 figures are also shipping to retailers this month, so be on the lookout! And what could possibly go better with some Kenner inspired NECA Predators figures but some Kenner inspired NECA Aliens? If you want something cool to go with series 10 of the Predators figures, you can bid on my custom Kenner Aliens figures right now on eBay. I’ve customized Sgt. Apone and the Bull Alien and used their original Kenner figures as the complete inspiration.


I hope this helps anyone wanting the new NECA Predators figures to get them!

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