New Custom Figure – Eye-Lash, Evil Mistress of Torture, Original Masters of the Universe Classics Figure

Hey everyone! To continue in the Halloween spirit, for my latest custom I bring you Eye-Lash! The cycloptic femme fatale, the evil mistress of torture for the Evil Horde! This idea was brought to me by Masters of the Universe fan Joe Martin. He had entered this into the 2012 Masters of the Universe Classics Create-A-Character contest. Sadly it didn’t win, so he sought me out to realize his idea in custom figure form. And let me say, I’m glad he did, because this was a fun one. The Evil Horde is easily my favorite faction of MOTU lore, due to the fact that most of the members are based on classic movie and literary monsters. Eye-Lash here is no different. She’s a cyclops for crying out loud! She’s covered in creepy eyes all over her outfit, she’s got a crazy looking “cat eye nine tails” whip, and she’s plenty evil to boot. She definitely fits in with the Evil Horde. Be sure to click the photo below to check out the full photo set and description for my custom Eye-Lash. You can also read a full character bio written up by her creator, Mr. Joe Martin himself.



Thanks for looking!

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