News – NECA Spider Gremlin Packaging Preview

A new image of the upcoming NECA Spider Gremlin was sent out today via the NECA Twitter page, giving us a glimpse at the box art for the package and how the Spider Gremlin figure will be packaged inside. It looks like all of the lower legs will have to be assembled, and he even includes the beaker of serum! This figure is set to come out later this month, and cost somewhere in the $40-$50 range depending on where you get it, so be on the lookout!

Continue after the jump for the full image of the NECA Spider Gremlin in package!





I anticipate a lot of people wanting this figure. Not just Gremlins fans, but there’s a lot of customizing potential here too, so I expect customizers to get some use out of it as well. At any rate, it looks like a fantastic figure, and the NECA Spider Gremlin is one the fans have been waiting on for a long time.

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