Custom Figure – It’s 80’s Cartoon Villain Week with The Shredder & Mumm-Ra!

Yep, you read the title right. I’m dubbing this week 80’s Cartoon Villain Week here at Mint Condition Customs, as I’m bringing you all custom figures of The Shredder (the constant thorn in the side of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and Mumm-Ra the Ever Living (the evil undead menace to the Thundercats). The Shredder is based on his look in the current Nickelodeon cartoon series. I had to combine the parts from both of the current Shredder figures to make him fully poseable, since neither one has great articulation on its own. He was also given a full repaint to help bring out the details and make his armor shiny!

Mumm-Ra was something I started a long time ago, but only recently finished once the idea of this week’s theme dawned on me. I took the Thundercats Classics Mumm-Ra figure and installed some wiring in his big hollow torso and gave him light up eyes! With just the flip of a switch on his back Mumm-Ra’s eyes glow an eerie red, as if summoning the ANCIENT SPIRITS OF EVIL! He was also given some poseable bandages, handmade cape accurate to the cartoon, and a full repaint to look more realistic. Be sure to click the links below to see the full photo sets and descriptions for how each custom was made.

Custom Shredder Figure
Custom Mumm-Ra Figure

And these are also currently for auction on eBay. Just click each photo below to go to the corresponding page on eBay. If you’re interested, feel free to bid. If you know someone who might be, please pass the link along. Thanks for looking!

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