Apps for the Action Figure Collector

Collectors of action figures have always had to collect them on the move. The truly valuable action figures are not easy to come by and avid collectors must travel to stores, shows and other places to accumulate these models. Now with the launch of the action figure smartphone app, collectors can carry out their collections in their pocket.

This smartphone app is one of a kind and has a number of special features. You can use it to check the value of one of the figures that you see at a show and decide whether you can afford to buy it. Having the app completely relieves you of having to deal with lengthy checklists and price guides and having it all easily accessible from your back pocket! Another popular use of the app is to keep track of your entire collection. Every time you get a new action figure, enter it into your digital personal collection, so you can see what you’ve got at any time. The new mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android operating systems, meaning that the vast majority of smartphone users can download it.

The awesomeness of this app is not completely evident until you actually download and try out the app for yourself. Have a look online and you will be able to see walkthroughs and screen shots and you will then have a better idea if you want to download it.

Once the app is downloaded, you will be welcomed with a useful home page. From here, you can access any other part of the app. You can view your collection of action figures, search in the catalogue for a figure or scan a barcode to instantly find a figure. With so many action figures out there, manually searching for them can be a very tedious process. There are more than 54,000 currently in the app’s catalogue and you can find a specific model in a single click. Use this to find out the true value of a figure before making a purchase in a shop of at a show.

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