News – DC Universe Classics Super Powers Figures Revealed!

For a while now, Mattel has been hinting that there would be a “last hurrah” for the 6″ Four Horsemen styled DC Universe Classics action figures, and that it would be shown off at the 2014 New York Toy Fair. People speculated that it would be the Super Powers light blue Superman, Mr. Mxyzptlk, to name a couple. Well the speculation is over. Mattel has revealed that later this year they will be releasing 6 figures, all homages to the vintage Kenner Super Powers line! The figures will be Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Gold Superman, the Riddler (Hal Jordan repainted as the Riddler just like the vintage Super Powers figure), and Mr. Mxyzptlk! These will round out the rest of the DCUC Kenner homages, and will each come with a collect & connect piece to build Super Powers Kalibak! Not only that, but they will all come in special Super Powers styled packaging as well, with each Kalibak piece coming in a separate poly bag. Each figure is set to be $30 apiece.

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DC Universe Super Powers

A milestone in modern toy collecting comes to a close as the DC Universe Classics and DC Signature series makes a heroic finale. But we wouldn’t ride into the sunset without one final hurrah for our fans! Now, as we celebrate both the end of DC Universe Classics and the 30th anniversary of Super Powers, we’re proud to present a final six figure series in Four Horsemen style, with packaging harkening back to the classic 80′s toy line. As one era ends, we celebrate the entire modern history of collecting DC Comics action figures with the DC Super Powers 6″ collection!*

  • Batman™: coming September
  • Superman™: coming September
  • Wonder Woman: coming September
  • Gold Superman™: coming October
  • Green Lantern as The Riddler: coming October
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk: coming October
  • Kalibak: collect and connect figure


Image from Action Figure Insider, where you can find lots more photos like this!


*While we are extremely excited for this Super Powers finale, please know this is a onetime 2014 sendoff. It does not represent a rebranding or potential relaunch of the 6” line. Once these are gone, they are gone!


While I wish they cost less, I can understand. These will be a very small production run for a toy line that is over due to low sales. However, I think this is a brilliant idea and a perfect sendoff to the DC Universe Classics.

3 thoughts on “News – DC Universe Classics Super Powers Figures Revealed!

  1. So this was Mattel’s “goodbye” surprise for the DC Universe Classics line? Ho hum. Except for a partially articulated seated Mr. Mxylpltz (which really should be a pack-in extra and not considered a full figure), all the others are just mild repaints of characters that were already released. WHAT A SNORE!!! They really should have closed the line with new characters to have helped collectors & fans get closer to some team completions. Instead, they fixated again on the old “Super Powers” line. Really, how many people yearned for a “Gold Superman,” or another Batman, or a Green Lantern/Riddler? USELESS! They could’ve gone just as cheap and repainted for new characters. I had always subscribed in hopes of getting new characters but with this, I no longer lament the end of the line because of Mattel’s repeated lousy inane decisions and neglect for what could’ve continued on as DC’s counterpart to Marvel Legends. JUST A DAMN SHAME.

  2. I’m mixed about this news. The figures are nice in a way that they tribute to the SUPER POWERS line, but the price is a bit jolting. I understand that it is necessary with this being a limited run, but they are mostly repaints, except for Mxyzptlk. I have all the original SUPER POWERS figures and the joke with Green Lantern/Riddler is cute. Since these are repaints I will probably not open them and only buy one, except for Mxyzptlk who I will add to my current DCUC collection. I noticed those cards are going to be huge if the figures are 6″ and they are trying to maintain the SP look. Wonder if that is going to factor in on shipping?

  3. Super Powers is my favorite toy line of all time, so I’ll be picking these up. I’m not ENTIRELY enthusiastic about them, however. The price, obviously, is too high. And I’d be very excited to get a Mr. Mxyzptlk figure with full DCUC articulation… but a figure that is in a permanent seated position with what, three points of articulation? Not so much. Also with the Super Amigos Riddler, while I appreciate the joke, I really doubt that there are very many Super Powers and DCUC fans that actually want that figure. I know I would skip him if I didn’t need him for the collect and connect Kalibak .

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