News – NECA Aliens Ripley Figure Officially Announced!

Randy Falk from NECA Toys has been saying all through the 2014 New York Toy Fair that there would be a huge announcement. Well the announcement has dropped today, and it is indeed huge. It’s been leaked through the PR News Wire that NECA finally got the likeness rights of Sigourney Weaver to make Ripley figures from the Aliens movies! There are going to be multiple versions made, but there are no prototypes to show off yet. They are expected to be at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con along with the deluxe Alien Queen.

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To read the full press release of everything NECA has coming up, go here. This is the section regarding the Alien 35th anniversary:

As part of the 35th anniversary celebration of the ground-breaking movie ALIEN, NECA will release the first-ever action figures of main character Ellen Ripley that feature the likeness and approval of actress Sigourney Weaver, who was nominated for an Oscar® and Golden Globe® for ALIENS in 1987. Initial plans include a figure of Ripley in her Nostromo jumpsuit from the original 1979 film, to be followed later by a Ripley figure based on the 1986 movie ALIENS, directed by James Cameron. Prototypes will debut later this summer at San Diego Comic-Con.

The celebration will continue through the year, with a special 35th Anniversary figure appearing in each series of Alien 7″ action figures. Visitors to the booth got a rare peek at Series 3, scheduled for July; Series 4 is slated for autumn.

NECA also revealed a spectacular summer treat for fans: two Deluxe 35th Anniversary releases, both completely in scale with the main action figure line. The massive Alien Queen Ultra Deluxe Boxed Action Figure will arrive in July, shortly before the release of the iconic Power Loader exoskeleton, which is famously used by Lt. Ripley to battle the Alien Queen in one of the most thrilling scenes in the 1987 movie.



This is going to be incredible! We’re for sure getting versions of Ripley from Alien and Aliens (hopefully with her combo Pulse Rifle/flame thrower weapon…how about an Alien3 Ripley? Alien Resurrection? I’d buy them all up!

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