The Matrix: Agent Smith – Created April 20, 2009

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In celebration of The tenth anniversary of the release of the first Matrix film, I decided to make a few Matrix customs. To start it off, I bring you Agent Smith.

Agent Smith was made using the body of a Movie Masters Joker Thug, the hands from a Wesley action figure (from the “Angel” line), and the head from an Agent Smith figure from the original line of toys back when the first movie came out.

I took the Joker Thug’s body, painted the shirt white, used apoxie to sculpt on the knot of a tie, cut out a tie shape from a sheet of foamies (can be found at any Wal-Mart craft section), glued it on, and painted the tie black. Then I painted the shoes gloss black.

I switched out the hands with a Wesley figure, and gave him the gun that came with the original Agent Smith. Then I just dremmeled out the neck of the Agent Smith head to fit on to the Joker Thug’s body, then gave him a thin line of a tan flesh tone between his lips to help separate them visually, and dry-brushed some brown into his hair to bring out the detail.

All paints used were Testors, and the green tint on the photos was added for a “Matrix” effect.

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