Angel, Age of Apocalypse Style – Created June 26, 2011

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Angel was created for a long time customer of mine who wants to complete his Toybiz Age of Apocalypse collection. I used the Savage Land Angel figure to make this one.

I sanded down his hair on the sides of his head so I could sculpt the skull cap on, and I sculpted onto his biceps to give him the rolled up sleeves. I also sculpted onto his forearms to give him gloves, and sculpted on his legs to give him his baggy pants tucked into boots. I also had to sculpt over his toes. His collar was made from foam sheet, and his jacket was made from clear vinyl glued onto the figure. Then I used Aves Apoxie Sculpt to cover the seam and continue the jacket onto his back. The straps on the front of the jacket were clear vinyl and styrene as well. His ponytail came from an X-Men Vs. Street Fighter Cammy figure.

After all of that I painted him up and that was that! Angel in his Age of Apocalypse outfit.

2 thoughts on “Angel, Age of Apocalypse Style – Created June 26, 2011

  1. this action figure is awesome, one of the best I’ve seen yet. Im trying to collect all age of apocalypse action figures from the 90’s x-men action figures. I also tried customizing a savage land angel but I suck at it I have no experience at all, I removed Angel’s grey men vest and replaced with (xmen vs street fighters) ryu clothing . I thought it looked cool until I seen yours and I’m like what the heck lol. Anyways good job

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