Movie Concept Marvel Icons En Sabah Nur – Created October 17, 2009

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This custom is something of a version 2 of the previous Movie Concept Apocalypse I did before, only this time instead of being on a 7 inch scale, I made him on a 12 inch scale, more akin to Marvel Icons. On the previous figure, I used a WWE Deluxe Agression Bobby Lashley as the base, and for this custom I used a 12 inch WWE Maximum Aggression Bobby Lashley as the base (I’m a stickler for continuity). The belt is made from Sinister cape straps, the belt buckle is sculpted, as well as the shin armor, and so is part of his right hand. The Egyptian style skirt was made from clear vinyl, then painted and treated.
I started the figure with the skirt. As I said before, it’s made from clear vinyl that I bought from the fabrics section of Wal-Mart. I cut a shape that resembled a skirt, and glued it down to the pelvis, under the upper body (which was luckily made to be removable). Then I added the front flap, and painted it. I got it as close in color as possible to the skirt on the previous Movie Apocalypse figure I did. I meant for this to be an “Apocalypse has the power to grow big” type of thing. Anyway, after I painted it, I took my dremmel and flecked the bottom and edges of the skirt all the way around to give it a worn and tattered look, like it’s thousands of years old.

After that I cut some of Mr. Sinister’s cape straps, painted them black, and glued them to the body for his belt. Then I used Aves Apoxie sculpt to make the belt buckle, again resembling the one on the previous figure. I also sculpted around the boot tops to resemble golden shin armor, however I kept the feet as boots, because in my head at this point in my “story” En Sabah Nur would have adapted enough to modern times to at least buy some shoes. That was my rationale, anyway. After it cured, I painted the shin armor and belt buckle black, with gold over it, and did the same to Lashley’s wrist pieces, again making it look like armor.
The next part, which may also have been the hardest, is his right hand. You see, this figure originally came with him having two hands that had the index finger pointing out (something Lashley does a lot apparently), and I knew this just wouldn’t work. Having one pointed hand was fine, so he could point menacingly to the people below him, but I wanted the other to be a fist. So I had to cut the finger in the inside joints so I could bend it easily to the shape I wanted, and even had to sand down the inside of his hand. After applying copious amounds of krazy glue to make sure it stayed in place, I used apoxie to sculpt some details back into the hand, giving it the look of a closed fist. Then I just painted over it to match his skin tone.

After this, I started my favorite part about the figure: his tattoos. Like the previous one, I covered this one with a series of tribal tattoos that also vaguely resembled circuitry, tying in En Sabah Nur’s history with his blend of technology he gets later. I thought it was clever anyway. The only difference is this time I didn’t want him to have a bunch of armor on, so to compensate I added tattoos not just on his torso, but on his WHOLE BODY that’s uncovered. I used testors paint to do it and just covered his whole body with tattoo work of my own design.

Next, I painted his head. I just dry brushed his whole head, and his neck and part of his shoulders, in a gray color, to resemble war paint. Then I painted his eyes white, and painted more tattoos on him, such as the black arrows on the top of his head, and the blue tattoos coming away from his lips. All of this was done to make him look like Apocalypse without making him look like some ridiculous gorilla-alien-machine thing like he has looked in the past. I thought it was all very effective, but you be the judge.

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