Banshee, Age of Apocalypse Style – Created April 5, 2011

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This was the second commission from the same person wanting to fill out his Toybiz Age of Apocalypse toy collection. This time he wanted Banshee.

I used the Banshee from the Toybiz X-Men 8 pack from the late 90’s. I repainted him flat black, and dry-brushed some blue over him to give him that comic book lighting effect and to break up all the black in his outfit. I added the yellow touches to his costume as well and gave him those shoulder spikes from a Spawn figure.

The cape straps are clear vinyl cut to shape and painted to match and glued on. I sculpted sideburns on his head, because for some strange reason Toybiz didn’t give him his sideburned. I painted them and repainted his hair and there you go. AoA Banshee is finished!

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