Batman 1989 Movie Style DC Universe Custom Action Figure

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Due to the way the license is set up, NECA wasn’t allowed to make a straight 7″ figure of Michael Keaton’s Batman 1989 portrayal. The only way they could do it is to paint it in the old NES video game colors. With the sculpt being excellent, I decided to change it and repaint the entire thing to look just like the Batman 1989 movie. This involved taking apart the entire figure (luckily NECA makes this easy with how their figures are constructed), including removing the head from inside the cowl (yes there’s a full Michael Keaton face under there). All the pieces were prepped, and then painted. I even put detailing in the face, including the black makeup around the eyes. For the cape, I dediced to do something extra. I took some black rayon material, and used a movie accurate cape pattern to make it. I then made a second cape, and added some wires running through the top for Batman to hold in his hands outstretched to mimic when he first appears in the movie. And now this custom Batman 1989 action figure is ready to take down the criminals of Gotham City!

6 thoughts on “Batman 1989 Movie Style DC Universe Custom Action Figure

  1. Looks fantastic. It’s a real shame Neca couldn’t deliver this version of the Keaton Batman, but I’m pretty sure they knew they were releasing a figure that was going to be scooped up by customizers.

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