Custom Batman (Modern Style) 6″ DC Universe Action Figure – Created April 24th 2012

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Batman’s my favorite superhero ever, so I was thrilled to take this one on. It’s a modern comic style Batman (well modern meaning how he looked right before New 52 anyway) in DC Universe Classics style. This version of Batman had never been done by Mattel like this, except once as an extremely hard to find TRU exclusive. They did one similar in their Walmart exclusive Dynamic Duo 2-pack, but they gave him the Public Enemies belt, which I’m not a fan of.

This custom was made from a Batman from the Fists of Clay 2 pack. Of course that one had painted mud all over him, so I removed it with some acetone, as well as his bat insignia (it had the yellow oval), and painted the modern bat insignia on his chest (sans yellow oval; much better I think), as well as shading his muscles. I also repainted his face since it looked far too tan before, and I painted some gold accents on his belt.

It was a very quick custom, but it was of a version of Batman that I’m just astounded Mattel hasn’t really produced yet (the rare TRU exclusive notwithstanding).

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