Beast, X-Men First Class – Created July 14, 2011

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Beast here was made for The Big Toy Auction’s benefit for disaster relief. When I was contacted to contribute something I whipped this up right away. I wanted to give Beast a distinctly comic book appearance, but give him the outfit that he wore in the X-Men First Class movie (which I LOVED).

The entire body is the Hasbro Marvel Legends Beast figure. I sanded down all his fur on the areas of his body that I planned to have him wearing his suit. I used a combination of my dremel to get it sanded down and sand paper to smooth it out afterward. When I got it fully smoothed out, I used cut out strips from foam sheets and styrene to make the straps and buckles on his flight suit. When I glued the straps in place I used my hobby knife to cut grooves into them like you would see on real belt straps. I also cut wrinkles into them at certain folds of the body. Styrene was used to make all the buckles.

After that I painted him using Testors Model Masters paints. I dry brushed a light blue over all his fur to help it stand out, and repainted his head so his face was a bright blue just like in the movie. His suit was painted the approrpiate colors with silver detailing on the buckles.

After that I declared Beast finished! A simple custom, but I’m very proud of the results.

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