Movie Blade Trinity – Created May 4, 2008

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This one is, of course, a movie Blade figure. I called it Blade Trinity, but really it’s got aspects from all of the movies. I just really loved the red they put in Blade’s outfit in Trinity.

So to begin, this figure was made with the ML Blade movie figure on top of movie Punisher’s legs. I cut off the holster from the Punisher legs, used the strap on his right leg for the stakes to be glued to, and just glued the holster back on the other leg.

I also painted his shirt with red acrylic for some nice contrast, and did a black acrylic wash over it to make it look like a blood red shade. I also sanded down the handle of his gun, meaning he can actually hold it now! And I dry brushed it with some silver to make it look realistic. And I sanded down his glave as well, and painted it with Testors gloss silver. I might do the same with his sword later. The shotgun he’s holding is from a Matrix Morpheus figure way back from ’99. I’ve got all the original figures which provides for a nice assortment of weapons.

And to top it off, my favorite part…the coat. The idea and pieces for the coat were given to me by my friend Nathan (AKE PureToreador on Figurerealm and the character from the comic). I took the cape from an X-Men 1 Magneto figure, tore it apart, and used the red parts to sew in a nice lining for Blade’s coat. That’s right…I can sew. Wanna fight about it? And before you ask, I used red thread on one side of the coat, and black on the other side to avoid a very tacky look of red thread on the outside of the coat or vice versa. I used a technique where I sewed in black thread and used red thread just on the lining, hooking the red thread under each stitch of the black thread. This ensured that both sides would come together and it wouldn’t look takcy. I was really surprised with how it turned out, and I’m really happy with it.

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