Movie Concept Bushwacker – Created May 20, 2008

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Ok, so remember when I said that Russian custom was “Frankensteining” at its best? Well I was wrong…this one is. And it’s my most frustrating custom to date, and possibly one of the most frustrating customs ever. Not only was he made from 8 different figures (which I’ll get into detail about soon), and not only did I have to do a lot of painting and use a lot of apoxie, but some of the pieces didn’t even fit right without dremmeling and/or apoxie added to it.

Here’s the list of the parts I used, and then I’ll go into detail about each part. And thanks again to Nathan for giving me the idea. I used his look from the Punisher videogame as a basis.

Head – Movie Maniacs Corporal Hicks
Sunglasses – WWE Batista
Torso and upper left arm – Marvel Legends Longshot
Left hand – Movie Punisher
Upper right arm – Movie Punisher
Right Gun Arm – Legendary Comic Book Heroes Superpatriot
Legs – Legendary Comic Book Heroes Savage Dragon
Feet – Movie Blade
Vest – Diamond Select Stargate Teal’C figure

For the head, I had to do a lot. First of all, the figure had a headset on. So I had to dremmel down the parts on his ears and fill the hair on his head with apoxie to cover the headset. Then I had to paint over the apoxie (obviously) and repaint the head to try and at least get close to matching the flesh tone of the neck (because the original paint job looked almost like a grey-dead flesh tone. Then I had to dremmel the crud out of his neck to get it to fit on the neck peg of Longshot. Then I took the sunglasses from a Batista figure and glued them to his head.

For the torso, I had to paint over Longshot’s emblem on his chest, and I flipped his collar down and glued it so it looked like a long-sleeved shirt. Then I removed the belt pouches and had to fill the left over holes with apoxie, then paint over all of that and the rest of his belt with black arcylic.

For his arms, I used the movie Punisher’s left hand (because it actually has 5 fingers) and painted it a bit to extend the sleeve, and used the upper right arm from the same Movie Punisher. However, it wouldn’t fit tightly over the peg on Longshot, so I had to fill it with apoxie, let it cure for about 45 minutes and then rotate it to keep it from bonding and voila! It ain’t coming off anytime soon. And I took the gun arm from a Superpatriot figure and did a swap on it, and again sculpted some more apoxie on it and painted it a flesh tone so it looked like his arm was morphing into the gun (the way it should look).

I didn’t have to do much to the Savage Dragon legs except swap his gigantic feet out for the feet of a Movie Blade figure. As for the vest, I had to do a bit of custom fitting because the Teal’C figure is a bit bulkier than Longshot, but I got it to fit. All I did was cut it at the sides and glue it together in a spot where it fit him better. And there you have it. It was a long and frustrating process, but it’s finished. Another baddie for Punisher to fight.


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