Movie Concept Captain America – Created August 29, 2008

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This one was a lot of fun to do, and just hit me in the past couple of days. I had bought the Ultimate Nick Fury/Captain America 2-Pack that Hasbro put out and I noticed something…the head on the Captain America figure was good. Like, really good. Good enough to pass as a movie head…at least by Hasbro’s standards.

And I always imagined a movie version of Cap’s suit to have a helmet as opposed to a cowl. So it was perfect.

So I just filled it with apoxie and dremmeled out a hole to fit on the Ultimate Cap’s neck, painted the head a dark blue, and I painted the neck flesh tone and used part of a Sinister cape strap for a collar.

I also used a very thin strip of a cape strap for a seam down the middle, or more of a zipper look. Because I imagine Cap’s suit to be more of a biker jacket style like Daredevil’s.

I also cut up the straps that came with the Captain America figure, and added them to the shoulders to make the suit look more complex like it probably would in a movie.

Next, I basically just toned down all the colors on Cap’s suit. I imagine they wouldn’t be so vibrant in a movie. So I darkened the red stripes on his torso, even dry-brushed some grey on the white parts, dry-brushed some black on his chest armor and on all the other blue on his suit, and painted over the grey parts with black. I also dry-brushed black on his gloves and boots. I wanted it to look very gritty.

With his shield, I put scratches on it with a hobby knife, and just darkened the colors like I did on his suit, dry-brushed some black to make it look used and gritty and there you go.

How I would imagine Captain America looking in a movie…and I know I didn’t add the “A” on his forehead. I doubt he would have it in a movie.

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