Custom Cesar Romero Joker – Created Feb 11, 2012

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I think a lot of Batman fans have been waiting to see what a Joker figure made to look like Cesar Romero from the 1966 Batman television show would look like. Luckily, I was recently asked to make such a figure and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Sculpting a head to look like an actor’s likeness is no easy feat, but it is certainly always a fun challenge.

The entire figure is the DC Universe Classics Joker figure, from head to toe. The flower has been removed from Joker’s jacket lapel, and his vest lapel has been resculpted to match the style Cesar Romero wore in the TV show. The entire body was painted, wish an almost maroon-like color to match the TV show costume. I even had to hand paint all of the pin stripes as well which also wasn’t easy but worth the effort.

But that was the easy part, compared to the head. The head is in fact the DCUC Joker head, modified. I cut off his jaw, shortened it, and reattached it to look more realistic. I sculpted all over it using Aves Apoxie Sculpt (the best 2 part sculpting compound around), and sanded it down with my dremel making sure to get Cesar Romero’s likeness down just right. I was using a picture of him with his eyes wide open and this maniacal smile on his face as my basis. I worked on his jawline, the shape of his mouth, his nose, his eyebrows, even his mustache that was covered over with makeup in the show. I sculpted his wild loose curly hair to be show accurate as well. After everything was sculpted, I painted it with Testors Model Masters, getting Romero’s eye color correct, and using a dulled green for the hair, with some yellow green highlights. I used various shades of gray for the face after painting it white, to get some detail in the sculpt to show and to make it look more realistic.

Stay tuned, because I plan to bring more characters from the 1966 Batman television show to life in action figure form!

Custom Cesar Romero Joker 1966 Batman Television Show Action Figure

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