Movie Comedian – Created May 19, 2009

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Up next in my series of 3.75 inch Watchmen figures is the only figure in the series that isn’t completely painted from head to toe…The Comedian. He was created using an X-Men Origins Wolverine “Strike Mission Wolverine” as the base and for the hands, and the head and arms came from an X-Men Origins Wolverine “Logan” figure.

The first step was swapping out all the parts. The head and arms that came with the Strike Missing Wolverine just wouldn’t do. The head was wearing a helmet and the arms were covered in tactical gear, and the Comedian does NOT wear a helmet and he has bare arms. So I used the old boil and pop method to swap out the heads and arms. I kept the original Wolverine’s hands since they were gloved and the Comedian wears gloves too. All I did to the hands was cut off Wolverine’s claws.

Then I worked on the head. I sanded down his hair points and sideburns and painted on a domino mask and moustache. I even used my hobby knife to make a scar going down his face and used a tan flesh tone paint to help bring it out. After sanding down his hair, I sculpted the detail back in, painted it black, and dry-brushed some grey into his hair.

After that I cut off the gun and holster that was attached to the chest of his vest, and sculpted on more buckles and sculpted the smiley face button as well. Then I sculpted onto the already existing shoulder pads to make them more rounded and beveled like they are in the movie.

After all sculpting I started painting accordingly. I painted his shoulder pads with dark mettalic blue, metallic red, and gloss silver. I used the silver for the stripe and star instead of using a white. I figured this would make them look more metallic. Then I painted the buckles I sculpted on black with silver dry-brushing and did the same to the other buckles, and painted the smiley face button as well. Then I painted on the blak elbow pads he wears in the movie, and painted the tips of his fingers a flesh tone to give the appearance of them being fingerless.

That about wraps up the comedian. I equipped him with a heavy assault rifle I found on a 3.75 inch scale and there ya go. He also has a pistol with a holster on his right leg. Stay tuned for more Watchmen.

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