John Harmon’s Guide to Cracking Open a Figure

Welcome to my custom action figure tutorial. Here, I’ll be showing you how to crack open an action figure while still keeping the pieces intact. One of the hardest and most frustrating parts of customizing is trying to crack open the torso of a figure. It’s not always easy to avoid permanently destroying the figure, but it is possible. You’ll need a dremel with a drill bit, a small screwdriver (I recommend a set of Stanley brand precision screwdrivers. They’re small and perfect for this, and for removing small screws from action figures), and some Krazy Glue.

Please note that this guide can be used on any action figure with a hard plastic torso in two pieces. You can use the same techniques on the upper torso, lower torso (most action figures these days have their torso in two sections to accommodate the ab crunch), and the pelvis.

Let’s begin!

That’s the end of the guide. I hope this helps!

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