Custom Aliens Sgt. Apone (Kenner Style) NECA Action Figure – Created October 7th, 2013

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Remember the awesome Kenner Aliens toy line from the early 90’s? It’s always been one of my favorites. Recently I was hit with inspiration to recreate several of the old Kenner figures, but in a modern, more realistic, NECA style. After looking at Sgt. Apone, all the parts immediately came to me and I knew I had to do it. Sgt. Apone here is “frankensteining” at its best. He’s made from the body of a NECA Jungle Patrol Dutch, the head and arms of an Expendables 2 Hale Caesar, and the lower legs of a NECA Half Life 2 Gordon Freeman. His web gear was taken from a NECA Hicks figure, and made to fit in a similar style as the original Sgt. Apone figure. The bio-mechanical arm is pieced together from terminator bits and random pieces of fodder.

The rifle came from an Alien Resurrection Ripley figure. I remade the original figure’s grenades using various bits of fodder, and some polystyrene. I gave mine a chain in the middle and I made each one a bit different, as if they’re carrying different kinds of payloads. I know, I’ve thought far too much about this. The facehugger comes from the old Kenner toy line, just repainted to look like the movie. I painted Sgt. Apone using the original Kenner figure as my guide, making sure I got the exact same color scheme, making him look as totally 90’s as possible. So now Sgt. Apone is ready for some bug stomping action! I plan to do an entire line of Kenner Aliens updates, both the Colonial Marines and the Xenomorphs, so be sure to check back here at Mint Condition Customs for more updates!

Custom Aliens Sgt. Apone (Kenner Style) Action Figure

Custom Aliens Sgt. Apone (Kenner Style) Action Figure

CCustom Aliens Sgt. Apone (Kenner Style) Action Figure

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