Custom Bruce Wayne (Arkham City Style) 6″ DC Universe Action Figure – Created January 13th, 2013

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I’m a huge fan of the Batman: Arkham City video game and want figures of as many characters as possible. In the game, we got to see Bruce Wayne, sans the Batman costume. DC Collectibles gave us a Batman figure with an unmasked Bruce Wayne head, but his face was painted to look infected, just like in the game. So I used the head from that figure, and the body of a Mattel WWE Michael Cole Collect & Connect figure. I chose that body, because not only was he wearing a suit, it was the perfect height and build that really resembled how Bruce looked in the game, and was bulky enough that you could tell he had the body of Batman under that suit. So I repainted the shirt white, and the tie blue to match the game. I had to completely repaint the head to cover the painted on veins, and repainted the neck and hands to match the new face flesh tone. And now Bruce Wayne is ready to help take down Arkham City any way he can.

Custom Bruce Wayne (Arkham City Style) 6" DC Universe Action FigureCustom Bruce Wayne (Arkham City Style) 6" DC Universe Action Figure

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