Custom Bull Alien Xenomorph (Kenner Style) NECA Action Figure – Created October 7th, 2013

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Remember the awesome Kenner Aliens toy line from the early 90’s? It’s always been one of my favorites. Recently I was hit with inspiration to recreate several of the old Kenner figures, but in a modern, more realistic, NECA style. The Bull Alien was always one of my top favorites from that line, so I knew I had to start with him. It’s mostly a NECA Xenomorph, but heavily modified. I had to completely rework the back legs, cutting a lot off, dremeling, and reshaping in order to get them in the same pose and look as the hind legs of the original Bull Alien figure. The front and back feet, horns, and a couple of other pieces actually come from the original Bull Alien figure, I just made them fit and blend in with the NECA figure. The scorpion barb on the end of his tail comes from a Spider-Man Classics Mac Gargan Venom figure.

I sculpted the forehead using Aves Apoxie Sculpt to make it bigger and look more like the original Bull Alien. I also recreated the original Bull Alien figure’s “skull ramming” action feature by making an extra neck piece you can attach the figure to give it the same extended look. Then I completely repainted the figure, using the original Kenner Bull Alien as my guide. Then I dry brushed some gloss clear coat over the entire thing to give it that gross, wet look the xenomorphs always have. And now the Bull Alien is ready to ram down some Colonial Marines! I plan to do an entire line of Kenner Aliens updates, both the Colonial Marines and the Xenomorphs, so be sure to check back here at Mint Condition Customs for more updates!

Custom Bull Alien Xenomorph (Kenner Style) Action FigureCustom Bull Alien Xenomorph (Kenner Style) Action FigureCustom Bull Alien Xenomorph (Kenner Style) Action Figure

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