Custom Ian Glover Vampire Hunter 6″ Action Figure – Created Jan 7th, 2013

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The character of Ian Glover comes from the Webcomic of the same name by Jayfri Hashim. He asked me to create a custom figure of his title character, and I was more than happy to oblige. The series is described by the creator as:

“A webcomic Based on a freelance vampire hunter, Ian Glover, and his Father John Glover, as they work hand in hand with the Vigilante Vatican Force to save mankind from extinction.”

After that, I was very excited to get to work. I made Ian Glover using the body of a Young Justice Superboy, and the jacket and arms, funnily enough, from a DCUC Superboy. I just cracked open both of their torsos and gave YJ Superboy the new arms. Then, I painted the entire figure in the correct red and black color scheme. I gave him his cross straps that go over his chest, made from Mr. Sinister cape straps. They hold the scabbards on his back. Those are made from polystyrene, and his swords are come from the new 2012 TMNT Leonardo figure. I resculpted the grips so when they were holstered, the swords blended into the scabbards. Then I painted those, gave Superboy some sunglasses from my fodder bin, and Ian Glover was ready to hunt down some vampires!

Custom Ian Glover Vampire Hunter 6" Action FigureCustom Ian Glover Vampire Hunter 6" Action Figure

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