Custom Ironclad 3 3/4″ Marvel Universe Action Figure – Created Dec 9, 2012

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The U-Foes are some of the more obscure Marvel villains out there, but they have a very strong fan base, and I wanted to bring their likeness to the Marvel Universe 3 3/4″ toy line. I started with Ironclad. He started out as a Marvel Universe Hulk that I had to modify. I sculpted onto the top of his head to square it out, and sculpted onto his feet to give him the two-toed look. Then, I used my dremel to remove all the pants detailing from his legs. I took him completely apart and painted him with Tamiya Silver, put him back togethewr, gave him his skirt, and now he’s ready to take on the Hulk!

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Custom U-Foes Ironclad 3 3/4" Marvel Universe Action FigureCustom U-Foes Ironclad 3 3/4" Marvel Universe Action Figure

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