Custom The Flash (TV Series Style) 6″ DC Universe Action Figure – Created November 6, 2013

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The Flash TV series is an underrated gem. Yes, it’s corny in a very early 90’s way, but the writing is solid and the acting is pretty good. The pilot might as well be a made for TV movie about the Flash. So. I wanted to capture the essence of the Flash from the show in action figure form. I felt the Marvel Legends Bucky Cap figure was the best fit, since it was detailed with lots of muscules that looked very similar to the suit John Wesley Shipp wore on the show. I had to really sand down those giant pirate boots to look right. Then, I used a combination of styrene and Aves Apoxie Sculpt to give him the suit detailing, such as the emblem on his chest, and the detailing around his forearms and waist. I sculpted a bit on the head as well to look more like the Flash’s cowl in the series, and used the ear pieces from a DCUC Flash figure as well. The paint job involved base coating in black and dry brushing three different shades of red to make it look as realistic as possible and bring out the sculpt. And after that, the Scarlett Speedster is ready to protect the people of Central City!

Custom The Flash (TV Series Style) 6" DC Universe Action FigureCustom The Flash (TV Series Style) 6" DC Universe Action Figure

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