Custom Vapor 3 3/4″ Marvel Universe Action Figure – Created Dec 9, 2012

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Vapor started out as a Marvel Universe Ms. Marvel figure. I had to sand down her domino mask and sculpt over it to smooth it out, and the rest was just painting her. I took some hot glue and added to the tips of her hair, so I could have it fade from red into a translucent green. And to add even more display value to her, I made her a 100% scratch built Vapor Base that she can sit in. The frame is made from aluminum foil, and it’s just covered completely by hot glue, and painted with clear green. She can easily be displayed in the base, or out of it. I always love adding these kinds of options to my customs.

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Custom U-Foes Vapor 3 3/4" Marvel Universe Action Figure

One thought on “Custom Vapor 3 3/4″ Marvel Universe Action Figure – Created Dec 9, 2012

  1. Really nice. I like the idea of using glue gun for the transparent effects. What kind of green paint did you use to color it?

    Can’t wait to see what you do next.

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