Custom Vector 3 3/4″ Marvel Universe Action Figure – Created Dec 9, 2012

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By far the most time consuming of the U-Foes to tackle was Vector. Like X-Ray, he was a character who had two dimensional detailing on a three dimensional surface. Only with Vector, it was a LOT more of it, set up in a very specific way. I had to utilize a lot of reference to paint him correctly, and even then there’s some angles that just weren’t available of him, so I had to guess how everything connected. He started as a Marvel Universe Silver Surfer whose nose I removed and base coated in orange. After that, I went on Photoshop and blocked out each layer of his detailing to make it was easy and stress free as possible. Then I just slowly went through and penciled it out and started painting. It took a lot of patience, and a very steady hand, but eventually Vector was completely finished and ready to join his U-Foes brethren in taking down the Marvel heroes!

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Custom U-Foes Vector 3 3/4" Marvel Universe Action FigureCustom U-Foes Vector 3 3/4" Marvel Universe Action Figure

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